Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: The Battle of Holiday Shopping

Merchants prepare to start their discount competition, both in shopping mall stores and online stores. But which is the best option: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Know the pros and cons to decide which the best option for you is.

Black Friday is one of the biggest special offer days of the year: the Friday following Thanksgiving. If after dinner with your family you dare to “camp” in a parking lot all morning with hundreds of people, Black Friday may be a good option.

Cyber Monday, for its part, is an excellent opportunity to buy items online with special discounts. Cyber Monday is held on the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, although these Internet sales usually start days earlier. 

Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the best option for you if you hate crowds and prefer to spend the holiday weekend with your loved ones. By registering in advance in the portals of your favorite stores to receive e-mails with promotions, notifications, and coupons for discounts related to sales of Cyber Monday, you can start preparing now for that day.

But before making a decision, know the pros and cons of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

Pros and Cons of Black Friday

  • You'll have to wait in line from the crack of dawn and risk facing a frenzied crowd as soon as the store opens its doors.
  • You may have to visit several stores on the same day, driving your car or using public transportation, which can be exhausting.
  • Each store has a limited amount of the same product. If others lined up before you, you might not be able to buy the item you wanted.
  • You can see the product physically. You know what you buy, its measurements, you can try it on and look at its colors and details.
  • You could find products of much lower quality than you expected. Some retailers sell cheaper versions of laptops, TVs, tablets, and other items made exclusively for sale during the holiday season.
  • Warranties on the products you buy may be shorter. You will need to ask to make sure you know what that warranty offers.
  • Prices are usually excellent, but in some stores, you may find deceptive "original" prices. For example, the label next to the product could say an "original" price much higher than the real one, so that it seems that you are receiving a substantial discount when in fact you are paying the regular amount of the item.
  • Not all outstanding Black Friday sales could be available on Cyber Monday.
  • If you are carried away by the tempting discounts, you could end up spending more than the money you budgeted.
  • It is like going out and having fun: you can invite a group of friends or family to spend the night with you in line and even help you find the merchandise quickly before someone else takes it.

Pros and Cons of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday
  • You do not have to wait in line. It is you and a computer.
  • You can start buying discounted products online before Monday arrives because Cyber Monday usually starts a few days earlier.
  • If you're at home, you can shop from your computer in as many stores as you want. You can do it in your pajamas.
  • If you have to go to work and shop from your office computer, this could lead to problems with the boss.
  • In the Internet portals of each store, you can check the available quantity of the product you want and buy quickly with just one click.
  • You don't see the merchandise as it is, you can't try it on or look at its colors and details. You have to wait to receive the shipment, and if the product did not meet your expectations, you would have to return it by mail or in the store.
  • You get free shipping to your doorstep.
  • You can easily compare prices online.
  • Your spouse, a family member, or friends can help you choose the best bargains online and even drink a glass of wine with you to celebrate the good purchases you made.

Analyze these pros and cons before making a decision. If you don’t have previous experience with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ask other people. And the most important thing: create a budget and follow it!

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