Advantages and Risks of Buying on Black Friday

Black Friday is a day in which many shops make promotions and offers on their products. Initially, it is the Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA and marks the start of the Christmas shopping campaign. It has also been part of other countries holiday shopping tradition.

If you know how to take advantage of the keys to make purchases ahead, this date can be an essential day to save on Christmas gifts. However, it is vital to be aware that it has its positive and negative side.

Advantages and Risks of Buying on Black Friday

Advantages of Buying on Black Friday

  • Prices. Offers and discounts are always good news, and on Black Friday many products reach the lowest prices all year round.
  • Possibility to compare prices and products in advance. Promotional campaigns for both physical and digital businesses will allow us, if we work with foresight, to organize ourselves so we can compare and decide what to buy and where.
  • Concrete date. Since these are offers that will be available only one day (or four if the store chooses to extend the promotions over the weekend until Cyber Monday), it is crucial to reach the consumer, so it is not strange that for this campaign you receive information in your email with the best discounts from the stores you prefer. Be careful, as it is a quick and convenient way to segment purchases.
  • Rights. Despite offers and promotions, buyers have the same rights as if the products were offered at their original price.

Risks of buying on black friday

  • Buy unnecessary products. In the sales, it is very easy to be carried away by the red posters with the % that indicate the money that you can save. These seductive discounts can make us buy things that we don't need and that no matter how cheap they are, we will always have been more practical than not buying them.
  • Spend too much. The fact that offers and promotions only last for a day can put pressure on buyers to reflect correctly on what is being spent and end up exceeding your available budget.
  • These risks can be minimized with a little planning. Some tricks such as setting a budget, drawing up a list or doing a little prior research can help us not to fall into the most common mistakes of the times of sales and stay alone with the real discounts on products that we do need. In this way, we will benefit from the lower prices offered during this sales.

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